Exhibition and Graphic Design

“reisebüro ottakringer straße” (travel agency ottakringer straße) is a research project by the GB* 16 & 17/18 (viennese urban renewal offices) aiming to overcome prejudices towards the diversified Ottakringer Straße in Vienna, Austria. They temporarily use empty stores to organize guided tours, exhibitions, discussions and Artist- in-residence programs among others.

Among others the “reisebüro ottakringer straße” held several discussions concerning topics, which are important for the people living in or near this street, like the phenomenon turbo-folk, football and identity. They organized guided tours through the street by day, visiting all the local shops, and by night, visiting the local bars and clubs. They asked artists and researchers to show their view on the street and exhibit it at the reisebüro. My part was to design information visualization on the walls and all the programs, leaflets, posters etc.

After four years of “reisebüro ottakringer straße” and one book the GB* 16 held an exhibition about the project. Using a timeline I visualized everything that happened in that time, before and after. Different paper and layouts distinguished if something was part of the reisebüro or if it was connected to the street in another way. A few media-stations held more informations like recordings of the discussions. When you got to the present (october 2012) the timeline guided you into another room, showing you a mapping of all shops of the street spread over another wall.

Client: GB* 16 & 17/18


Completed in:

2009 – 2012