Atlas ex-centrical normality. Living on the edge of the city.

We analyzed two very different looking housing estates on the edge of berlin and compared them to find similarities. At first we talked to the residents, took pictures of the houses and made drawings and graphics. Then we decided on a topic for our infographics. These were brought together in a book.

“Grenzerfahrungen” (borderexperiences) deals with the restraining phenomenon and analyzes the boundary fences around the pieces of real estate as spatially and pictorially acting design elements, that form the housing estates overall picture. The varying height and density of the fences, hedges and walls highlight as well the relations between the inhabitants as the individual need for demarcation and privacy.

The project was developed together with Theresia Kimmel,
and was published in the book “Atlas ex-zentrischer Normalität. Wohnen am Rande der Stadt.”

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